"The phenomena of Energy and Dark Matter"






     The shrinking of space because of U1 Particle spin and electromagnetism increasing thus contracting each particle and pulling in more neighboring particles. It takes all four energy's, (spin, contraction, electromagnetism and lateral movement) to create the phenomena  Gravity.   This in tern establishes a cascading gravitational current of surrounding spherical, particle matter.  This means that Gravity's energy is Current energy not Wave energy.  There must be a physical partnership of spherical matter to pass on the pulling force.  In open space it is Dark Matter.  (U1 particle sea)... 

Gravity is the attraction force that permeates throughout the Universe. It is the direct result of U1 particles rotating, contracting and pulling on neighboring particles. When they rotate faster they get smaller because it is easier then expanding.  This also produces more spin and electromagnetism for each particle. The combination of all four energy's are what is needed to create the phenomena of Gravity...

Because in "The Logical Universe" there is no emptiness, all the distance between structural matter is filled with rudimentary spherical matter. (Dark Matter, U1 particle sea).  These particles have rotational, compression and expansion energy.  This in tern can create differing energy currents between higher and lower density structures.  The strength of the fields depend on the amount of energy deviations.  (Similar to high and low pressure weather systems).  All this happens because Dark Matter provides a link for energy to try and equalize.  That's right, Gravity is just that simple. 

For years science has struggled with Gravity, Light and Electromagnetic wave energy.  What was missing was truly missing.  That is the existence of Dark Matter.  If there were no dark matter there would be no gravity, no light waves, no electromagnetic waves.  Dark Matter is the essence of the Universe...

Dark Matter is something we haven't been able to see, but it is there. TLU says its the differing densities of U1 particles.  If you need more evidence about dark matter's existence, consider the Double Slit Experiment results.  TLU  believes that this experiment  gives definitive proof for the existence of  "Dark Matter.  (U1 Particle Sea).  Finally, the overwhelming evidence is, no Dark Matter no Gravity, no light or electromagnetic waves...

One more observation, and it is a big one,  pushing and pulling of matter without changing spin, creates Pressure Wave Energy.  It is not in any way to be considered Gravity.  That's because U1 particles don't permanently change size or their relative position in space. This in tern wont increase or decrease density of space.  The energy of light is in this category. 


Gravitational Currents...

     The Dark Matter Sea has different density's and movement because of the influence of larger bodies such as Planets, Stars and Galaxy's. Because Planets and Stars are composed of smaller particles at higher energy's, is what attracts the bigger ones of Space. The bigger particles speed up and get smaller the closer they get to these bodies. This of course pulls on the larger ones of space. Because the particles in the Dark Matter Sea are not in electromagnetic lock, the attraction sets up a cascading pulling force of particles between denser more energetic objects. (Gravity Currents).


You, the Elevator and Gravity


       1. Gravity Currents of Earth are traveling through, in and around the elevator, and also you... 

      2. The currents have pulling influence even if the elevator is stopped, going up, going down or falling... 

      3. If in the falling elevator you were able to push up from the floor you would crash into the ceiling because you and the elevator are weightless. 

      4. If the falling elevator was propelled with a faster down speed than the gravity currents pulling influence, you would also crash into the ceiling because the elevator is traveling faster than you. You are still in the gravity current field but the elevator is accelerating, therefore you would experience an upward force.



          a.  Gravity flows in, through and around Structural Matter...

          b.  Because the particles of Dark Matter are super small and uniform you only feel them as a gentle, pulling force...

          c.  The amount of pulling force that Dark Matter has on a structure depends on the structure's transparency.  This translates to how much the structure will weigh...

          d.  Because gravity is a current it would have a flow speed...

          e.  Gravitational Current Speed would be close to, or the same as, Escape Velocity...

                  Earth 11.2 k/s (25,053 mph), Moon 2.38 k/s (5,324 mph).

          f.  Electromagnetic structural lock usually overrides the pull of Gravitational Currents, but not in the case of a Black Star's  Gravity or the high energy of Fusion and Fission...


     You are able to stand on the earth because of electromagnetic structural lock. The Dark Matter currents of gravity produced by the earth are traveling right through, in and around your body at thousands of miles per hour. Bare in mind the super tiny particles of Dark Matter are much much smaller than your atomic structure and in a weaker concentration, therefore you would only notice a uniform, gentle pulling force on your body. You are able to neutralize the attraction because you and the Earth have much more mass in a locked state. Therefore, the pulling force of gravity won't overcome the stronger structural matter but it still would pull on it.

Think of structural matter as a screen or strainer like configuration, where the flow of U1 particles is able to pass right through at high speed but with varying degrees of resistance.  This is because of the structure's configuration.  The resistance to the pull of Gravity Currents is what determines weight...


 If you are walking on the Earth and spot a bright juicy apple, then bend down to pick it up, both you, the apple and earth become a structure. You are able to retrieve it because the combined electromagnetic lock of You and Earth overcome the weaker Dark Matter currents of Gravity. Now, If you let go of the apple there is only the opposition of air, and gravity is able to overcome this weaker configuration. The apple falls to the ground and the pulling Dark Matter currents of earths gravity wins the battle. This is because air, is also subject to gravitational attraction but has more transparency to Dark Matter currents. 



     Acceleration, Deceleration and Gravity...


     1  Gravity is a one way pulling current of Dark Matter. It can pass right thru, in, and around a structure.

     2  A structure accelerating because of a Gravity Current, has an increase in DM flow in the direction of travel thru its system..

     3  A structure decelerating  because of a Gravity Current has an increase in DM flow in the opposite direction of travel thru its system.

     4  A structure accelerating because of force, pushes against Dark Matter, thus causing a current flow thru, in and around its system. This also creates a displacement wave.

     5  A structure decelerating because of force is actually accelerating in the opposite direction of travel. This changes the displacement wave allowing more Dark Matter to push its way thru the system in opposition to the deceleration force.

     6   Faster, Slower is a pushing force...  Gravity is a pulling force...




     Suppose you are cruising along in a spacecraft in open space and want to increase your speed. You then fire your main rockets and the craft responds, Subsequently, you feel yourself pressing back in your seat. Depending on duration and the force of the rocket burn, will determine the amount of pressure you feel.

Now, if you decide to slow down, you fire your retro rockets and the space craft slows down relative to the direction of travel. You again feel a force pushing you back in your seat because you have turned the spacecraft around to accommodate the deceleration burn.

What's going on? Is this gravity? How does Acceleration, Deceleration and Gravity relate? As you might have guessed, TLU has an answer..

When you increase speed of a spacecraft you force more Dark Matter to flow through and around the structure, even the air inside. This in tern presents a pushing force on everything external and internal. As the space craft accelerates, it creates a Displacement Wave of Dark Matter. The wave gets stronger as the craft increases speed.

Now, When you stop the rocket burn the Dark Matter displacement wave will encircle the spacecraft. As the craft settles down into a faster steady velocity, the flow of matter traveling through the structure has been greatly diminished because of the displacement wave surrounding the vessel. All of the structural matter inside including air, now stabilizes and you feel weightless again.

During the acceleration process you are forcing an increase in DM flow through the structure, but when you stop accelerating the Dark Matter displacement wave encircles the craft, thus diverting more rudimentary spherical matter around it.

What happens when you reduce speed of the Craft?

When you decrease the speed of a spacecraft, contrary to logical thinking you actually force more Dark Matter flow through the structure. This is because the Dark Matter displacement wave encircling the space craft has changed, allowing more rudimentary spherical matter through the craft in opposition to the deceleration burn. This in tern presents a pushing force on everything external and internal. Now, when you stop decelerating, the Dark Matter displacement wave once again will encircle the vehicle, but only if the craft is still traveling at a constant speed and has not stopped. This diverts most of the rudimentary spherical matter around the craft and not through it. All of the matter inside including air, now stabilizes and you feel weightless once again...

Is Dark Matter Gravity? Close, but no... Gravity, is an established one way current of U1 particles in the medium of Dark Matter.




  Centrifugal Force  


     This phenomena is explained a little bit different in The Logical Universe because of Dark Matter. If Einstein, Newton and Galileo knew about Dark Matter we would be far more advanced in our knowledge and understanding of the Cosmos...

If you have a tennis ball and attach a long string to it, you are potentially creating a structure. If you take up the slack in the string and pull on the ball in a circular motion you are transferring movement energy to the ball. As the ball starts whirling around in a circular fashion you overcome the force of Gravity which is trying to pull the ball down to the earth. You, your arm and string are transferring motion energy to the ball. The ball in tern is pushing through air molecules and more important, through Dark Matter. Because the ball is not traveling in a straight line and is tethered, it experiences an off center direction of Dark Matter current flowing in, around and through the ball. This pulls on the string.

Is this Gravity? No, this is Centrifugal Force. If you presented a strong Gravity Field, the ball would be attracted to you without the string, but, your mass is comparatively small so there is only a slight field between you. There is more gravity between Earth and the Ball but the centrifugal force of this experiment is much much greater. So, its the medium of Air Molecules, Dark Matter and Structural Attachment of the String, that causes the orbit of the ball, not Gravity.

If there is a huge massive body such as the Sun, you will produce an extensive Dark Matter Gravity field. The field is capable of controlling the movement of Planets, Asteroids, Comets, Gas and Debris of all kinds. If you get closer to the Sun the Gravity field will increase speed and force because it becomes more concentrated. Just like a river when it gets narrower. If you move further away the Gravity Field will get wider thus decreasing speed and force. Again, just like a river.

As you know, everything in the solar system is in motion. There is the motion of spinning planets, Orbital Motion, the Motion of Atoms and Protons and Electrons and finally, the motion of Dark Matter. It is the medium of Dark Matter that connects everything together...

TLU predicts... If the Dark Matter Currents of Gravity and the Centrifugal Force of Planets Asteroids, Comets, Gas and Debris, reach Equilibrium, the system becomes stable and will stay that way for millions of years, or, until something upsets the apple cart...



     Anti-Gravity     (Dark Energy)

      1  The expansion of Space because of U1 particles loosing compression along with spin and electromagnetism.  This in tern expands each particle pushing neighboring particles further apart.  (Dark Energy).

      2. The expansion of space because of U1 particle compression release, pushing U1 particles further apart. (Bang).

As you might expect, Anti-Gravity is just the opposite of Gravity. When U1 particles expand they push all other U1 particles out of the way and space gets bigger. This happens when U1 particles are compressed and the mechanism for compression is released, or when encountering the low energy of extreme cold in outer space. The extreme cold causes U1 particles to slow rotation thus loosing electromagnetism and compression.  This loss of energy expands each particle pushing other particles further apart thus expanding Space.  The combination of all three energy's are what is needed to create the phenomena of Anti-Gravity...  Anti-Gravity is also known as “Dark Energy”, and there can be no Dark Energy without Dark Matter. 

* Compressing and decompressing matter without changing spin, creates pressure wave energy. The energy of light is in this category.  




  The Phenomena of  Magnetism

A bar magnet

 An example of chained U1 particles



     The north and south pole of a rotating U1 particle. (no rotation, no magnetism). . .

     The U1 Particle could be called the smallest magnet in the universe but only if it is spinning. No rotation, no north or south pole, no magnet, gravity or electromagnetism. The speed of rotation determines magnetic strength. Faster rotation equals stronger magnetism, slowing rotation equals weaker magnetism.

The force of magnetism overrides the force of gravity.  This is because rotational energy of matter has more movement than  expansion or contraction thus more energy....


   Magnetic field

     U1 particle north to south pole, axis chain, with same rotational direction.   Counter rotating magnetic fields repel, same direction rotating magnetic fields attract.

     When U1 particles align end to end, (north pole to south pole, to north pole etc.) like pearls on a string, there rotations synchronize in one direction. This is called chaining and is also known as an electromagnetic field. Remember that all particle rotation, influences adjoining particles. Rotational fields set up counter-rotational fields. If one of the fields meet end to end it can lock together in what is called a closed EM loop. The rotational direction of each U1 particle in the loop will determine what the EM chain will become. Clockwise a Proton, Counter-clock wise an Electron.

Once chained electromagnetic fields are in place, and depending which loops are closed and which ones are not, and the rotational directions etc. determine the rest of the Universe. From a Neutrino to a Black Star .


   Electromagnetic Waves.

     U1 particle pole shift wave energy moving through the sea of U1 particles. . .

     When U1 particles rotate they shrink proportional to speed... This determines density and gravity... U1 particles oscillate in waves. This determines the speed of light and other wave energy... They also have another trick they do. They can shift there axis of rotation... This effects neighboring particles in wave like fashion to follow. The orientation of their axis determines the north and south poles of a field of U1 particles. That's right, this is how magnetism and electromagnetic waves are created. U1 particles can oscillate their poll axis in response to magnetic and electromagnetic stimulus. EM waves travel just like light waves through the Dark Matter sea. That's why EM waves travel at the speed of light.



The Phenomena of Electricity


   Electric Charge

     The energy difference between protons and electrons. (or basically, the energy difference between rotational and counter-rotational electromagnetic fields). it is measured in volts.

     When U1 particles group together and make a Proton that's nice but you cant say it has an electrical charge. Not until U1 particles make an Electron can you make that claim. That's because an electrical charge is the energy difference between a Proton and Electron. (basically, the energy difference between rotational and counter-rotational electromagnetic fields). Now the interesting part. The more Protons and Electrons you have, the bigger the charge. this is because there is more energy difference. In other words they can accumulate more and more electric charge.  One more exciting fact.  Because same directional rotating electromagnetic fields attract, and depending on plain orientation, the Protons and or Electrons can draw together. They won't merge because their super strong closed looping fields won't break apart, so they actually attract and repel each other at the same time...



     When you have a positive charge and a negative charge nature tries to equalize itself. If you have a wire and connect it between the charges, the Electrons that are not tightly bound to the atoms in the wire will displace each other and try to equalize the charge. This at a very basic level defines Electricity.

In the sub, sub atomic world of U1 particles, size and rotational interactions are very complex. The true result of there interactions has been simplified for the sake of understanding.




The Phenomena of Electromagnetic fields

   The Strong Nuclear Force

     The Logical Universe has reevaluated the standard model and there is new thinking about this.

     The Strong Nuclear Force is the force of Electromagnetic Fields!  It is so strong it overwhelms gravity. This is because rotational energy is stronger than contraction energy. 

     When a Proton is created in the Logical Universe there is no empty space around it. If the Proton has little or no lateral movement, U1 Particles will surround the Proton. They are influenced by the Proton's clockwise energy and develop a counter rotational EM field engulfing the Proton. This field is spherical and is super strong in electromagnetism.  It has become what is known as the core containment field. Now, subsequent fields form. Each is counter rotational to the one next to it. They all get weaker as you move away from the core. When anything approaches the Proton it must go through progressively stronger and stronger EM fields. The fields are called, Quantum fields of the Proton. This behavior explains all spherical Quantum EM phenomena. The same is true for the Electron.

Not only can Quantum fields surround the Proton and Electron but at a much larger scale they surround the atomic nucleus of an atom. The first EM field surrounding an atomic core is a super strong containment field. The next field not so strong, and so forth, and so on.  The Neutron doesn't have any quantum fields because it has a neutral charge. 

And Finally, the Proton has a unique proprietary quantum configuration and so do Atoms.  The number of Protons and Neutrons in the core of atoms is what creates a blueprint for quantum field construction.  Strength, intervals and compression of the fields are directly related  to core composition.     



      The Weak Nuclear Force

Fission Reactors


     The Weak Nuclear Force is responsible for decay of an atomic nucleus.   In the high energies of compression, the Neutron's counter-clockwise loops are capable of bonding with the Proton's counter-clockwise non-looping fields in the core of an atom.  These counter-clockwise non-looping fields are not as strong as closed loops but are an integral part of the Proton structure.  The Proton must maintain balance therefore will resist loosing its non-looping fields.  This in tern is what keeps Protons and Neutrons together and overcomes the Proton repelling force.  That's right, this is the glue that binds the nucleus of an atom.  No super strong looping electromagnetic fields have been broken...

When Neutron ratio to core structure is slightly out of equilibrium, the vibration and or rotation of the core causes the weaker electromagnetic coupling of some Protons and Neutrons to fail.  This in tern frees up Neutrons but it leaves both a damaged core and Protons in the process. The Neutron is flung out of the core containment field and radiation occurs.

When Protons and Neutrons separate because of decay, it is possible for a specific type of radiation to take place.   TLU calls this Flash Radiation.  It happens when the Neutron is separated from the core.  Radiation of fission particles occurs along with heat and pressure waves.  This activity has partially damaged the core so the atom immediately starts to repair itself by drawing particles from surrounding matter.  Reconfiguring the core creates temporary composition and energy anomalies in adjoining Quantum Fields.  Spin, heat, light and particle electromagnetic reconfiguring are part of the repairing process.  Now the atom has repaired itself and is saved.  This is because the damage wasn't overwhelming and the quantum fields didn't loose their SEL...

When the radiation is significant and sustaining, say like in Uranium,  the Proton and Neutron separation will cause surrounding Quantum Fields to change configuration thus producing heat, gravity and electromagnetism.   This in tern upsets the dynamics of the atom as it tries to rebuild its fields.  Because the atoms are linked together by electromagnetic coupling, the whole structure becomes what we call radioactive.  When free neutrons collide with other atomic nuclei a chain reaction is sustained.  More fleeing neutrons and fission particles are produced.  This in tern upsets the balance of Atoms and more particles are added or subtracted from surrounding matter.  That's right, TLU believes that the simple energies of neutron proton separation and the resulting repair cycle, are responsible for nuclear reactors. 

There is a delicate balance between the atoms ability to repair themselves and to catastrophically fail. If Neutrons are overwhelming and penetrate more nuclei before the atoms can repair, a chain reaction occurs and the quantum fields loose SEL.  The Uranium looses its glue and U1 particles violently expand and a colossal energy release takes place.   

As you can see all particles and energy have an interdependency.  If one area is deficient, it grabs it from some where else.  Nature is always trying to balance itself.  That's what makes the Universe so interesting.  It all depends on configuration, degree and concentration of energy and matter... Amazing...


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